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Virtual Construction Modeling Services
Introduced world over and in India, in the year 2004/05, Virtual Construction Modeling involves developing 3D Virtual Engineering Models of real estate/ construction projects, including 4D simulations for project scheduling & monitoring and project cost estimation through estimating packages with 5D simulations for preparing phase wise requirement of construction materials/ resources requirement and cash flow requirement for implementing the complete project from start to finish.

3D Virtual Model
  • It is an engineering model (Virtual model in 3D format) of a building/ structure, which is created on computer using parametric construction objects like walls, columns, slabs, windows, doors etc. with exact dimensions up to 1mm or less, with exact materials to be used for actual construction of buildings.
  • Besides the construction objects, even services like plumbing and sanitary pipes, fire protection arrangement, air conditioning ducts, electrical cable trays, false ceilings etc. can also be included in the 3D model.
  • In this 3D model, interactive walk- thru is available for viewing:
    Any area to verify use of spaces, how building would look when finally constructed (even before first brick is laid on ground)
  • It gives opportunity to evaluate alternatives, which would be expensive or sometimes very difficult to achieve at a later stage.
  • The creation of the 3D model enhances trade coordination, supports estimation as parallel process and serves as connection point for downstream applications.
  • 2D drawings plans, sections, elevations at any point are just a bye-product from the system which are totally consistent.
4D Simulation
  • Linking the 3D Virtual Model with time element is called the 4th dimension.
  • For this purpose, several 3D BIM (Building Information Model) modeling software packages provide modeling facility, which are used to quickly create 3D building models for engineering coordination & visualization purposes.
  • Some 3D BIM/ virtual construction software packages work alongwith 4D Sequencer, which have capability of linking the model to the project schedule, allowing schedule alternatives to be more effectively evaluated, analyzed and communicated.
  • Further, the 4D simulation depicts how building would get constructed over time and offers functionality for gaining quick insight into a location based schedule, as well as for identifying time/ space conflicts.
5D Simulation
  • Linking the 3D Virtual Model with 4th dimension of time with element of cost is called the 5th dimension.
  • 3D BIM/ virtual construction software generally have model based estimating system designed to extract accurate quantity information on the construction model and produce accurate estimates rapidly.
  • Using the construction model as the link between time and cost, virtual construction packages also generate 5D reports - e.g. cost - loaded schedules for further financial analysis.
  • The system divides the resources created by the estimating application into construction/ production zones, providing scheduled procurement requirements in order to streamline construction planning.
  • Such packages also he lp in exporting its reports, estimates and other outputs in Microsoft Excel
Mansycom delivers...
3D BIM Modeling
Involves creation of Virtual Construction 3D model from architectural, structural & different MEP design drawings for identifying RFIs & prepartion of Discrepancy Report. This helps in:
  • Improving planning and coordination among architects, engineers, project managers and project owners.
  • Reducing risks and errors.
  • Eliminating discrepancies and interferences.
  • Minimizing frequent emergency meetings.
  • Reaching optimum design alternative.
Model Based Quantity Survey (BOQ)
As a part of the complete 3D BIM services, we provide model based construction quantity estimation, bill verification, material reconciliation & QS services which comes as a part and parcel of the virtual construction technology. This helps in:
  • Quantities for cost estimation at different stages including tendering & final construction cost.
  • Evaluating the cost effective alternative designs or materials.
  • Quick and accurate estimation for tendering and bill verification purposes
4D & 5D Simulation Based Project Management Consulting
  • Involves 'time' element with 3D Virtual model.
  • 4D sequencer packages are used which have facility to link the 3D model elements to the project schedule, allowing schedule alternatives to be more effectively -
  • Helps in gaining quick insight into a schedule for time, space conflicts.
  • Involves 'cost' element with the already developed 3D model and 4D simulation.
  • 3D modeling/ estimating packages are used to produce accurate estimates.
  • Linkage of time element & cost element to 3D model helps in developing phrasewise material & cash floor requirements.
  • Project progress monitoring, updation & rescheduling can be worked out more effectively, on near real time basis. using built-in visual & location based aids.
  • Architectural and Engineering on BIM Platform
  • Comprehensive architectural and engineering solution on 3D platform itself.
  • Process can be commenced from concept stage to submission/ tender stage & refined for detail design & GFC stage.
  • Eliminating 2D drawings preparation for architectural, structural & MEP designs at different stages.
  • Construction drawings (GFC's) to be prepared using 3D BIM model & 2D software packages at final stage.
  • Ensuring full engineering co-ordination throughout the full process of design development.
  • Virtual Construction V/S Conventional Project Management

    How Virtual construction modeling based solution is different from the conventional project management of the construction projects?
    Key differences
  • The start point in virtual construction modeling solution is creation of the virtual 3D engineering model of the building (including services) from the 2D CAD drawings. This helps immediately in knowing completeness, consistency & discrepancies in the issued drawings till that time.
  • BOQ is derived from the 3D model of the building, so as the changes take place in the design & model, BOQ is automatically updated. In view of this, continuous updated BOQ and project cost is available all the time. This also helps in doing value engineering to arrive at optimum design solutions/ material choices.
  • Project scheduling is linked with the 3D model. BOQ is picked up from the 3D model and only time element and interdependencies of activities need to be incorporated for project scheduling. The project scheduler in this case has a special feature to plan the activities based on location or zone. Also, a concept of 'Line of Balance' is inbuilt in the scheduler, which helps diagrammatically to depict any over lap or clash of activities. This feature helps in easy updation, monitoring and rescheduling of the project activities.
  • Phase wise requirement of materials at any point of time is being generated from the updated 3D building model and the updated construction schedule. So, the phase wise requirement of materials indicated is realistic and accurate. One can effectively reach a zero inventory operation at the project site for civil engineering project execution, as one can achieve in the engineering industry.Material balance, contractors, bill verification & complete project planning, scheduling, monitoring & control of a project from start to finish can be carried out on a near real time basis.
  • It provides an integration between design, BOQ & construction schedule in one comprehensive software solution.