Trimble Launches Sketch-Up 2014


Display Graphics 2.0

Is there anything more important when using SketchUp that speed, fluidity and reliability?

In this new version they have made great strides in how to display graphics on the screen, greatly improving performance you will experience when viewing a file .SKP. Now both SketchUp and 3D Warehouse, layout, and Trimble Connect my.SketchUp use this new system of algorithms for 3D graphics represent a much more fluidly.


Can you see through?

In addition to having improved graphics system also it has substantially improved the system of transparency, which should now be displayed with higher quality and speed. SketchUp Pro 2017 is much better at displaying multiple transparencies, giving a more realistic sense of depth if we are looking through several transparent planes simultaneously. And as a bonus, we have added the ability to adjust the opacity level in the X-ray mode.


Introducing ... Tables

The large documents often have important information, so in 2017 we created SketchUp Pro Tables, an excellent way to manage spreadsheets in LayOut tool. Create a table from scratch or import a .CSV file or file Excel. Tables behave like other spreadsheets: You can edit the text styling to cells, modify columns and rows ... get the idea. LayOut refers to your original spreadsheet, so update each table in your document is as simple as clicking.
Colored axes


In SketchUp Pro 2017 has been introduced customizing the colors that represent the axes and inferences. Thus, people with any type of color blindness can change the color schemes to work perfectly in SketchUp and LayOut.
Extension Manager


A new utility SketchUp Pro 2017, the Extension Manager, shows you at a glance all your SketchUp extensions installed. Since this manager, it is easy to enable and disable extensions (or uninstall them completely). Extensions Manager also shows you the digital signature of the extension, indicating that meet our standards of quality and safety.
Persistent Identifiers


Now, when you make a change in the model SketchUp, LayOut any dimension associated with the model will be updated to show that change .This is possible thanks to the new platform feature called SketchUp Persistent Identifiers. They are identifiers associated with the geometry that help SketchUp (and its extensions) to manipulate individual entities, such as an edge or a specific face. Basically, every little portion of your model is now more intelligent.
.DWG Files HiFi

Many people use SketchUp drawings in other CAD applications. We have rewritten the exporter to .DWG / .DXF to make life easier.

Modeling HD

There have been more accurate support systems and inferences for HD monitors (like the Retina Display Apple, for example). The thickness of the edge also rescaled intelligently. Now you can get away a little more of your screen ...

straight rectangles

The tools for drawing rectangles now allow you to use the arrow keys to lock the axles (as with the Circle and Polygon tools). Besides ... is a square or golden section, Keep down the Shift key and also locked!

Inference perpendicular to a face

Already you mastered the parallel inference from the 2016 version? We have added a new inference "perpendicular to a face". It works like this: put up a face and SketchUp will show you and guide you on the perpendicular to that plane.

intelligent equidistance

The new systems of equidistance avoid overlap and self-intersecting geometry. Now you get cleaner equidistance each time you press the "F" key (works even in LayOut).