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Mansycom Consultants, the Lead Partner of M-N-E Consortium has successfully steered implementation of Integrated Project Monitoring Solution (IPMS) at DMRC’s Phase IV expansion & other upcoming metro projects, which has gone-live on April 23, 2021. Now under 60 month maintainance. || Integration & coordination of engineering design of an industrial plant at Bawal, Rewari including of process plant facilities, achieved using 3D BIM technology for AECOM. || Implementation & maintenance support for Common Data Environment (CDE) on cloud & 5D BIM simulation using Trimble Vico Office Suite; for the purposes of engineering coordination, construction time & cost control; carried out satisfactorily for a period of 3 years; for an infrastructure project i.e. 403 MLD Surya Regional Bulk Water Supply Scheme, Thane, costing Rs 1,329.00 crores, of MMRDA under execution by L&T’s WET (Water & Effluent Treatment) IC (Independent Company), Chennai as an EPC contact, between Feb 2017 to Mar 2021. || Mansycom successfully completed implementation of 5D BIM modeling at L& T DLF Cyber Park Project, Gurugram, using Trimble’s Vico Software in the year 2017. || Mansycom has reached greater heights in 3D BIM and 4D-5D Simulation by executing Sub-cluster 03 consisting of twin towers of 37 & 43 storeys respectively of first SmartCity Project within Mumbai City i.e Saifee Burhani Upliftment Project located at Bhendi Bazaar, Mumbai between November 2015 to March 2021. || Mansycom has executed 3D BIM modelling work of 8 metro stations, including of two iconic metro stations - Sitaburdi & Zero Mile, for Nagpur Metro Rail Project, Nagpur of MAHA-Metro, for a French architectural firm – Enia Design ||


4D and 5D BIM

Mansycom Consultants delivers 4D BIM services which enables all the stakeholders (from architect, designers, contractors to owners) of a construction project, to visualize the whole sequence of construction milestones and analyze the progress of construction activities virtually before and throughout the lifetime of the project.

4D Building Information Modeling (4D BIM) is a process of intelligent linking of various elements of a 3D digital model of a project with schedule (or time) related information. It provides precise and useful construction project information with respect to planning & scheduling of the project.

Mansycom Consultants, a leading 4D BIM services provider in India, have the expertise to deliver 4D construction simulation of a project of any scale. Mansycom delivers the 4D construction simulation services that have plenty of benefits for new building construction projects such as proper planning of project, visualization of start & finish date of each construction activity, project monitoring & full control and early recognition of potential risks & challenges etc..

A BIM model of any project having details of construction schedule and cost of each element is called 5D BIM model and using the BIM model for construction simulation including cost is called 5D simulation.

Mansycom Consultants delivers 5D BIM services which enables various participants (from architect, designers, contractors to owners) of a construction project, to visualize the progress of construction events and its related costs over time. We deliver 5D Virtual Design & Construction models loaded with all the relevant information of required resources (material, machine, labour & money) involved at every stage across full construction period of a project. Our 5D BIM simulation services help create relationship among each element, construction sequence and cost of each element so that we can extract detailed and accurate information from the 5D BIM model and conduct various analysis to effectively minimize & control project cost and time.

The utilization of 5D-BIM technology can result in greater accuracy and predictability of project's estimates, scope changes and materials, equipment or manpower changes, project implementation time & cost control etc.